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Our Mission

During the last twenty years our military and government veterans have been deploying overseas continuously to far away jungles, mountains, and cities of the world building communities in line with United States foreign policy.

Many regions of conflict and underdevelopment around the world have been shown to rebuild themselves to become safe and flourishing communities.


For so many of these veterans, transitioning from military or government service to the civilian world means neglecting most of that experience in order to learn a new job skill. What if instead of letting all that experience in nation building go to waste we used it to rebuild the poorest neighborhoods here in the United States?


Blue Sea Conslium, B.S.C. is a nonprofit organization on a mission to give our cities the same attention and focus given to the places we deployed. The core of every decision B.S.C. makes considers whether it guides the community to help itself. Our answer to changing an atmosphere of crime is not gentrification but building the community from the inside starting with the weakest points. 




Community - the people we serve are the communities we work in, we do our best work by becoming a part of the community we help.

Humility - every individual can teach us something new about our mission and ourselves.

Authenticity - we are who we are and what you see is what you get.


Service - we are here to help. Making things better is our primary goal.


Empathy - we give a shit about the people we serve and connecting on a personal level drives our decisions. 


Military Veterans – our problem solving starts with the experience from service on deployments abroad. It is invaluable, and veterans are indispensable.

Safety is our number one priority, this starts with protecting our sources and expands to the physical safety of our employees. We practice this by conducting our program as privately as possible until community trust in our mission is established.

Legality of Activities - Blue Sea Consilium does not represent law enforcement but will be operating within the confines of the law and in pre-negotiated circumstances under the auspices of local or federal law enforcement.

Individual Privacy Rights All potential candidates that are interviewed by B.S.C. are volunteers. There will be no personal information released, video or audio recordings without approval, or coercion used to obtain information in any way.

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